Adrian Beltre Gives Elvis Andrus the Perfect Death Stare After Premature Home Run Trot


(Photo: Getty)

Texas Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre is one of the most exciting players to watch in all of baseball, not just for his ability to hit home runs while falling over.

Beltre is an emotional guy that can get quite cranky if you trigger him in a certain way, like touching him on the head.

But the four-time All-Star gets upset at his teammates for legitimate things as well, such as not running out fly balls even if they look to be going over the fence.

Beltre’s infield neighbor Elvis Andrus did just that during Tuesday’s game against the Houston Astros. During the sixth inning, Andrus blasted the ball to left field and immediately began his slow-paced home run trot. But the ball ended up bouncing off the wall and Elvis was held to a double.

Let’s just say Beltre was pissed. When Andrus eventually scored, he let him know in the most intimidating way possible.

That’s the kind of stare that will force a child to always do his homework.

The Rangers eventually won the game 7-5, but Andrus had trouble falling asleep that night.