Adrian Beltre Threatens Teammates With Broom to Avoid ‘Gatorade Shower’


(Photo: Getty)

Texas Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre had a great game on Monday, walking twice and blasting a grand slam to give the Rangers a 5-2 victory over the Oakland Athletics.

But Beltre isn’t the typical teammate to celebrate a victory with.

We all know the four-time MLB All-Star loses his freakin’ mind every time someone touches his head. So in all likelihood, the reaction would be similar if he were blindsided with a postgame Gatorade shower.

Perhaps that’s why Beltre threatened teammates Elvis Andrus and Rougned Odor with a broom when they were prepping for a golden MVP shower.

It was actually a Powerade shower, but I’ll take any chance possible to discredit Powerade and their sugary bullsh*t! Bunch of pretenders the people at Powerade are!

Maybe Beltre was still pissed at Andrus for messing with his fly ball earlier in the game.