Adrian Peterson Agrees to Sign With the New Orleans Saints

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

After 10 NFL seasons with the Minnesota Vikings, Adrian Peterson is taking his talents to Bourbon Street.

The 32-year-old free agent running back has agreed on a deal with the New Orleans Saints worth a base of $7 million in the first year, plus incentives and a team option for a second season.

"I am excited to be joining the New Orleans Saints," the 2012 NFL MVP said of the agreement, according to ESPN. "I'm really looking forward to this opportunity. Most importantly, I chose this team because it just felt right within my spirit. Additionally, my wife and family added their confirmation with the same feelings."

In New Orleans, Peterson, who had previously shown interest in joining the New York Giants, will likely split time with Mark Ingram, who last year amassed 1,362 yards on the ground and through the air and scored 10 touchdowns. Ingram is the better receiver between the two.

"On offense, it goes without saying that the Saints are really solid behind [quarterback] Drew Brees. I feel like my skill set can make them even more dominant as a unit," Peterson said. "They have a great offensive line, which is something that stood out to me as well. I could tell from talking to head coach Sean Payton over the last two weeks that he did his due diligence in evaluating how I could contribute. I also did a lot of homework on the defense as well. While I know that injuries have played a role in performance, I also see areas of potential with a lot of younger guys having the ability to step up. Lastly, it goes without saying that the Saints have an amazing fan base and I look forward to making them proud and creating everlasting memories."

While most running backs are shown the door somewhere around age 32, Peterson is not a normal back. He not only returned from a 2011 reconstructive knee surgery way, way ahead of schedule, but he responded by leading the league with 2,097 rushing yards in 2012, claiming the MVP award.