Alex Smith Had Another Laughably Bad Performance At The Pro Bowl Skills Showdown


(Photo: Getty Images)

Alex Smith didn’t do himself and his next contract any favors with his performance at the Pro Bowl Skills Showdown.

Luckily for him, no one, save for sports bloggers lacking in social events, watches the NFL Pro Bowl and its affiliated events.

The quarterback, who’s spent the past five seasons at the helm of the Kansas City Chiefs offense but appears to be on his way out (there’s one year left on his deal, but the team seems to like young quarterback Patrick Mahomes and cutting Smith would save them $17 million), could be a prime target for quarterback-needy teams this offseason.

Just don’t show those teams footage of Smith trying to score big in the Precision Passing event.

Somehow, Smith wasn’t even the worst quarterback in the Thursday event. That distinction went to Seattle Seahawks signal caller Russell Wilson, who managed to hit just two targets for eight points.

The other participants, Derek Carr and Jared Goff, went for 21 and 20, respectively, giving the NFC the win over the AFC in the event on aggregate.

Last year, Smith got roasted because he—a man with professional throwing experience—had little idea how to throw a dodgeball in that event.

Thankfully, he was wise enough to get eliminated too early from this year’s dodgeball game to be subjected to the same mockery.

Despite Smith’s performance, the AFC took the Pro Bowl Skills Showdown home, winning four of the seven events.