Washington Agrees With Alex Smith On Bad Contract After Landing Him In Worse Trade

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Alex Smith gave way to his backup in the final game of the regular season, with the Kansas City Chiefs‘ playoff position secure.

Rookie quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ performance in Week 17, connecting on 22 of 35 passes for 284 yards and one interception in a 27-24 victory over the Denver Broncos, was apparently enough to convince Chiefs brass to trade Smith away to the Washington Redskins.

That, and the $17 million they’ll save when the trade can officially go through on March 14.

Not only did Washington fork up a third-rounder for Smith, who’s entering the last year of his contract, they surrendered Kendall Fuller, arguably the best slot cornerback in the NFL this past season, his sophomore campaign.

It gets worse for Skins fans—Washington apparently insisted on paying Smith, who’s 33, out their racist-name-having ass for a four-year contract extension beyond the final season of his current deal.

For perspective, here’s how dirt cheap Fuller will be through 2019.

Nonstop shaking his head since the news broke is Kirk Cousins, the Washington quarterback who’s been aching for a big-money deal since he hit free agency in 2016. He wouldn’t get there, however, instead becoming the first quarterback ever to be franchise-tagged in consecutive years.

Because this deal can’t be officially consummated until March 14, either team can back out before then.

Kansas City had better hope Washington doesn’t check in with fans or virtually any media outlets to see how their dealing is being received before then.