All-Star Snub Lou Williams Calls Out Jimmy Butler For Sitting Out All-Star Game

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

At 31, Lou Williams is compiling easily the best season of his NBA career. His efficient 23.2 points and 5.3 assists per game weren’t enough, however, to land him in the All-Star Game, despite his lobbying for a spot on Twitter.

When he initially didn’t make the squad, he posted a simple “Lol.” Then when it was announced he’d be in Saturday’s skills contest, he reiterated his interest in playing in the February classic.

After DeMarcus Cousins went down with a season-ending injury and was replaced instead with Paul George, Williams lamented his being snubbed once more.

Jimmy Butler, the league’s leader in minutes per game, made the team, but didn’t log a second of playing time in the All-Star Game. After the contest, Butler cited rest as the motivation behind his sitting out—not a hangover from Los Angeles’ legendary nightlife.

Williams, wishing he could have represented his Los Angeles Clippers in the team’s arena, wanted answers. Hell, he lives in the area, he probably could have made it in time to suit up for a few fourth quarter minutes in Butler’s absence.

Though when it became a story, Williams assured the world he was just messing around.

Butler made the team, and rightfully so—he’s enjoying a similar offensive season, and is an elite defender while Williams is whatever the opposite of that is. And so the Minnesota Timberwolves star has every right to enjoy the pageantry that comes with being in the All-Star Game. But at the same time, if he knew he wasn’t going to play, he could have made like injury replacement Kevin Love—who was included in the team intros and everything, and enjoyed the game from his team’s bench in street clothes.

In other words, it sure seems a lot like Butler cost Williams a shot at an All-Star nod because he wanted a sweet jersey with his name on it. Something tells me he could have swung one of those and let Sweet Lou take the floor.