Allen Iverson Has the Perfect Response After Tim Hardaway Insults His Crossover

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Tim Hardaway is just a little bit salty.

The retired five-time NBA All-Star and father of Atlanta Hawks wing Tim Hardaway Jr. recently told's Scott Howard-Cooper that his crossover, known as the "UTEP two-step," is the original crossover that young ballers still try to replicate—and that anyone crediting Hall of Famer Allen Iverson doesn't know their NBA history.

"I'm going to tell you this and I tell everybody this: Allen Iverson carried the basketball," Hardaway said. "I had the original killer crossover and people are doing my move. They're not doing Allen Iverson's move. They're not doing nobody else's move. They're still trying to perfect my move as the killer crossover and it's my move, all right? That's the way it is. I brought a unique style to the game."

And he's probably right—Hardaway entered the league seven years earlier than Iverson, and for four years before that he was flashing his crossover in college at UTEP.

Still, Iverson clapped back, using an argument Hardaway can't argue with: I'm in the Hall of Fame and you're not.

“I carried my crossover all the way into the Hall of Fame," the Philadelphia 76ers legend told Bleacher Report when asked about Hardaway's comments. "So, there you go.”

Hardaway has been a finalist for induction into the hall for 10 years now. He's one of 14 finalists for selection in 2017, and was one in 2014 and 2015.


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