Minnesota’s Amir Coffey Nails A Shot From His Butt With A Fresh Shot Clock


(Photo: Getty Images)

Amir Coffey and his practical trick shot mastery make the perfect morning pick-me-up.

During his Minnesota Golden Gophers‘ 86-81 loss to the Miami Hurricanes on Wednesday, the sophomore wing made this shot from behind, in more ways than one.

Those familiar with Minnesota basketball, both at the high school and college levels, should be reminded of another famed butt shot.

In the state’s 2005 high school basketball championship, Blake Hoffarber hit an 18-footer from his ass to send the game to double overtime, where his Hopkins High School would go on to reign victorious.

Hoffarber would go on to play for the Gophers, where he hit another miracle shot, though he didn’t need to balance on his butt this time.

That Coffey and Hoffarber have both hit ridiculous shots without the benefit of their legs is no coincidence—like Hoffarber before him, Coffey also attended Hopkins before moving on to Minnesota, and the high school team apparently actually practices shooting from the seat of their pants.