Anderson Varejao Is the King of Flopping and Must Be Stopped


(Photo: Getty)

Serious question: How does Golden State Warriors reserve big man Anderson Varejao have any money?

The NBA supposedly fines players for flopping, but if that were the case, the Brazilian center who'd played his entire career with the Cleveland Cavaliers before being cast aside this season would have burnt through his $62 million in career salary at this point.

Using his bouncy curly locks as a referee-attention-grabbing beacon, Varejao put his flopping tactics into hyperdrive during Game 5 of the NBA Finals on Monday night.

Here's the most egregious example of a referee having his head too far up his own ass to see that Varejao, like some sort of bouncy-haired magician, makes fouls appear out of midair.

Not only does he wrap his arm around Cavs point guard Matthew Dellavedova's neck, but Varejao follows his own foul by acting like Sonny Corleone's getting lit up at the Long Beach Causeway toll plaza.

That's referee Marc Davis totally buying Varejao's sh*t sandwich of an excuse for a basketball play. Davis was voted the third-worst ref in the NBA in an informal poll of players and coaches.

Much to Rasheed Wallace's delight (probably), Varejao missed both free throws.

It was one of three Varejao flops in the first half alone.

Playoff rules dictate a $5,000 fine for a first flopping offense, $10,000 for a second, and $15,000 for a third. Varejao should be out $30,000 for five minutes of playing time in the first half.

And look, those other two probably would have been fouls regardless of whether or not Varejao attempted to propel himself across the San Francisco Bay. But is there seriously someone in the league office watching all these plays and determining the Warriors big man didn't carry out a "physical act that appears to have been intended to cause the referees to call a foul on another player"?

I can't tell if I'd rather the league is ignoring him and its own flopping rules or if they're incompetent enough to determine Varejao has the balance of a mop on a trampoline.