Andrew Wiggins Makes Willie Cauley-Stein Shrink With Poster Dunk


(Photo: Getty)

Andrew Wiggins came out to play on Wednesday.

Just two days after the Minnesota Timberwolves had what we like to call a “good loss” against the Golden State Warriors (they only lost by five), the T-Wolves had no trouble handling the team of misfit toys that is the Sacramento Kings.

Once again, Wiggins stepped up with a 23-point performance, shooting an incredible 10-of-15 from the floor and throwing down earth-shattering dunks in the process.

Boxing out tends to help.

But the play of the game came in the first quarter when poor Willie Cauley-Stein learned a rookie lesson from a sophomore.

Cauley-Stein shrunk about 10 inches while Wiggins was lifting off. At least he’s a veteran at getting the hell out of the way.

Now that we’re in the final stretch of Wiggins’ second season, it’s safe to say he’s become the “go-to” guy late in games for the T-Wolves. Defenses are starting to take notice. But sometimes double- or triple-teaming a single player has its consequences.

The Kings still have a lot of kinks to work out, especially with a defense that keeps finding new ways to fall apart. They were outscored 34-24 in the third quarter on Wednesday and Wiggins was toying with them the entire game.