A.J. Green Sounds Pissed After Andy Dalton’s Garbage Performance


(Photo: Getty Images)

The Cincinnati Bengals also had themselves a record-setting night on Thursday.

But unlike the Ohio baseball team in the headlines right now, the Bengals’ historic performance was one of futility.

During their 13-9 loss to the Houston Texans on Thursday night, the Bengals became the first team since the 1939 Philadelphia Eagles to open a season with a pair of home games and fail to score a touchdown in either one.

Following a four-interception game in Week 1, quarterback Andy Dalton connected on 20 of 35 passes for just 224 yards—not miserable numbers, considering he managed not to turn the ball over this time around, but the team was awful on third downs (4 of 15) and Dalton did stuff likes this.

The quarterback also failed to get the ball to stud wideout A.J. Green enough in the second half.

After Green amassed 64 yards through the air in the first half, he added just three more in the second. With both Texans cornerbacks injured in the fourth quarter, Green was targeted just once.

Dalton was promptly excoriated on Twitter.

But perhaps no one was as disgruntled by Dalton’s failures as Green himself.

“We are playing like shit right now,” Green said after the loss. “We got to find a way to get our playmakers the ball. That’s it. It’s a superstar-driven league. You are not going to win without them.”

The six-time Pro-Bowler also addressed the doomed final drive.

“Being one of the leaders of the offense I feel like—no disrespect to nobody else—that ball should be mine somewhere somehow,” he said. “That’s my mentality. In those situations, I want the ball. As the leader of the offense, you should be like that. I wanted that ball.”

It’s hard to tell if Green is more frustrated with the play calling or Dalton. Either way, his frustration is understandable.