Andy Dalton Has Terrible Luck with His Luggage

Bradley Whitaker
(Photo: Getty)

For the second straight week, Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton is scrambling to find his luggage.

Last week, Dalton lost two bags after irresponsibly putting them in the back of his truck without something holding the bags in place. The Pro Bowler took to Twitter, telling his fans to look for them on a freeway somewhere in Dallas.

Dalton got lucky:

But just days after the incident, Dalton is dealing with some more luggage trauma.

This time it wasn’t his fault. The culprit? American Airlines.

Because apparently Twitter is the go-to source for celebrities to track down lost luggage, the airline sent Dalton a direct message.

It took about 14 hours, but the bags were found. Of course, Dalton still doesn’t have them, but his Hello Kitty suitcase should be on its way.

Don’t ever travel with Andy Dalton. You’ll lose your bags and constantly have to hear about how “this is the year he’s gonna win a playoff game.” It’s not happening Andy, it’s just not!