Aqib Talib: Panthers Offense ‘Was Not That Difficult at All’

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty)

Surprise, surprise: Denver Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib is still talking about his team's Super Bowl victory over the Carolina Panthers.

Almost two weeks after saying Cam Newton "didn't want it" in the biggest game of his life, Talib is piling on the Panthers again, calling their offense "simple" in an interview with

"Their offense was not that difficult at all," Talib said. "Their offense was, it was pretty simple, you know? We didn't feel like they had just one receiver who can take over the game and dominate us, so we were pretty confident as a secondary, as far as their personnel and their offense together, we were pretty confident, as far as playing against them."

But he did note that, given the Broncos' personnel, Denver was in a unique position to stop Carolina's offense.

Out of the 18 games on tape, I may have watched nine or 10 of 'em. And no one played 'em like we played 'em. I think Green Bay may have come the closest to playing 'em like we played 'em. We had all kinds of stuff, man; we had zone coverages where we were adding guys, we had man coverages where we was adding guys, but the whole day, we was gonna bring pressure on Cam all day. No one else did that. So I think it was just us, our personnel, our game plan was better than their personnel and their game plan.

He also decided to dump on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who drafted Talib with the 20th overall pick in 2008. According to him, being traded away from the team that drafted him was a career highlight.

I view [being traded from Tampa Bay to New England] as the best thing that happened to my NFL career. 'Cause early [in] Tampa, we couldn't even get on local TV. We was blacked out for like two seasons in a row. [Note: Several Bucs games were blacked out in the 2010 and 2011 seasons.] I came in the league, the first [four] years I had 17 interceptions, three touchdowns and you wouldn't even know it. 'Cause I never got a highlight on NFL Network or nothing, man, 'cause we was losing games, we wasn't on local TV. 

A month after his teammates called New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady a "whiner" and a "crybaby," the cornerback did have some nice things to say about the team he spent parts of two seasons with.

Man, it was wonderful [playing for Bill Belichick]. He's brilliant. He's a brilliant football mind, and a great leader. A great leader. He's focused on straight football. He could care less what you wear to work. He could care less what you wear to walkthrough. He could care less where you use your phone at, where you eat at. He wants to win football games, he wants you to be on time, and he wants you to know your stuff. Playing for him, man, definitely takes any player to the next level.

As for his second-best skill, behind shutting down big receivers?

"I think [talking] makes the game fun, man," Talib said. "Football is about talk. I mean, it's not a quiet game. You know. You hear the crowd roaring. It's a competitive sport. It's not golf. It's not tennis, you know. I think the talking, it kind of makes the game fun. It kind of, you know, keep the competitive juices flowing."