Are the Rams Moving Back to Los Angeles?

Bradley Whitaker
(Photo: Getty)

It looks like the Los Angeles Rams are making a comeback.

According to the Los Angeles Times, St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke is one season away from moving the team back to Los Angeles. This comes just two weeks after NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced he wouldn’t be accepting proposals to move any team to Los Angeles before the 2015 season.

Starting in fall of 2016, the Rams would likely play two seasons in either the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum or Rose Bowl Stadium before moving to a new facility at the Hollywood Park site in Inglewood. Kroenke recently partnered with Stockbridge Capital Group, owners of the 238-acre property located just three miles east of LAX.

It could be possible Kroenke is trying to gain leverage in order to convince the city of St. Louis to give them a deal for a new stadium. The two sides are reportedly $575 million apart on negotiations. But the Rams will likely convert their lease at the Edward Jones Dome to year-to-year by the end of the month—making the move to Los Angeles a strong possibility.

It would be both a smart and safe decision to move a team to Los Angeles. Inglewood has been successful before, hosting the Los Angeles Lakers and Kings up until 1999. The Hollywood Park plan wouldn’t need any public funding and the media market is the second largest in the world. Just look at the estimated number of NFL fans compared to cities worldwide:

The Rams would be returning to Los Angeles, where they played 48 seasons before relocating to St. Louis in 1994. They would be making a LeBron-esque comeback to a fanbase that had to root for a team in Missouri for 20 seasons. To those who held on—you deserve a football team.


A number of renderings have detailed what the new Los Angeles football stadium will look like. The facilities look incredibly state-of-the-art:


AEG originally had a design for a venue in Downtown Los Angeles. The stadium below could be a possibility if the Hollywood Park plan falls through. Perhaps the Chargers or Raiders will show some interest.