Russian Soccer Team Scores Dickish Unsportsmanlike Goal And Sparks A Brawl

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Standing over the ball backed up near his own net, Akhmat Grozny defender Oleg Ivanov crumpled to the pitch with an apparent injury in the 91st minute of his side’s scoreless matchup with Arsenal Tula in the Russian Premiere League on Sunday.

According to widely accepted soccer decorum, at that moment, Ivanov’s opponents should have kicked the ball out of bounds and waited as he received treatment.

Guess what Arsenal did instead.

That’s Arsenal’s Kirill Kombarov happily plucking the ball from the injured Ivanov, leading to an emphatic game-winning finish from Goran Causic.

To make matters worse for the losing side, Arsenal’s win propelled them past Akhmat in the standings, to sixth in the RPL. Akhmat now sits in eighth.

“You probably saw the reason. Our player got hurt, everyone stopped, in the hope that there is some respect for each other, respect for partners who do one thing,” Akhmat manager Mikhail Galaktionov said after the 1-0 defeat.

“But unfortunately, the principles of fair play do not all work.”

The unsportsmanlike maneuver inspired the losing side to challenge Arsenal to a mid-celebration brawl.

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