Falcons Owner “Pissed Off” That Patriots Trolled His Team With Last Year’s Super Bowl Rings

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

It’s been a year since Super Bowl LI, and still you see Atlanta Falcons fans get trolled with the “Falcons blew a 28-3 lead” meme.

But such trolling isn’t reserved for adolescents and adults with the maturity level of their offspring’s generation; billionaires do it too, but instead of spending minutes on the internet honing the perfect meme, they blow countless thousands of dollars on physical manifestations to wear and then rub in their targets’ faces.

Or at least, that’s what New England Patriots billionaire owner Robert Kraft did after his team had stormed back from down 25 points for the largest comeback in Super Bowl history: The Patriots’ victory rings were adorned with 283 diamonds.

Yeah, 283, as in 28-3.

And apparently that pissed Kraft’s billionaire buddy, Falcons owner and cartoon rendition of a filthy-rich guy Arthur Blank, right off, to the point that Blank would then confront Kraft about it.

From the New York Times:

Blank needed to unburden himself of a minor beef with Kraft. It involved the aforementioned Super Bowl LI. After the Falcons blew a late 28-3 lead over the Patriots and lost in overtime, and “28-3” entered the lexicon of football taunts, Kraft ordered exactly 283 diamonds embedded into each of the 10-karat white gold Super Bowl rings he commissioned for the Patriots. Blank, who bought the Falcons in 2002, mostly took the loss and the attendant trolling in stride. But the ring stunt bothered him. He found it unnecessary and tacky. “I said to Robert, ‘You didn’t have to do the 28-3 in the ring,’” he told me recently. “It kind of pissed me off.”

Arthur Blank is a co-founder of Home Depot, and is worth almost $4 billion.

Here’s footage of his learning of the Patriots’ troll job.


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