Guess Which Team Amazon’s Alexa Thinks Will Win The Super Bowl

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Amazon.)

If you notice any battered horses around the house and own an Amazon Echo or an Amazon Echo Dot, fear not—HBO isn’t reviving “Luck” and filming at your house. Instead, Alexa, the voice living inside Echos and Dots, is apparently a Philadelphia Eagles fan.

Ask Alexa who will win the Super Bowl and she’ll tell you: It’s not the heavily favored New England Patriots.

“I am flying with the Eagles on this one, because of their relentless offense, and the momentum they have been riding off their underdog status,” she tells users. “E-A-G-L-E-S. Eagles.”

Even if you’re in New England, ask Alexa who will win the Super Bowl, and she’ll give you the same answer.

But what happens when you ask Alexa which team she wants to win the Super Bowl?

Damn, I thought she’d be pulling for the asteroid.