A New, Equally Hilarious Suspect Has Emerged In The Bryan Colangelo Twitter Scandal

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: NBA.com / Screenshot)

Good news for Bryan Colangelo: It looks like some of the anonymous Twitter accounts that have been linked to him might not belong to him after all!

Bad news for the 76ers GM: Internet sleuths have uncovered compelling evidence that at least three of them belong to his wife, Barbara Bottini.

Barbara Bottini’s burners?

For instance, three of the accounts are associated with a phone number or phone numbers ending in 91.

Bottini is from Italy, the same source of Colangelo’s much-lambasted large-collared shirts.

Which hilariously explains why his wife might vociferously defend the man’s fashion choices; they might even be her fashion choices.

Then there’s the Bible verses … in Italian.

This tweet fawning over the body of 76ers star Joel Embiid also makes a lot more sense now, supporting the second tweeter theory.

On Wednesday, Colangelo insisted that someone was “out to get” him. But it appears the tweets were coming from inside the house.