The Bears’ Mike Glennon Era Starts With An Embarrassing Pick-6

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

The NFL preseason is meaningless—unless your team is so bad that just about every single job is up for grabs. Enter the Chicago Bears.

Coming off a 3-13 season, at least one job seemed secure, however: that of quarterback Mike Glennon, who signed a three-year deal worth up to $45 million this offseason. 

Between his guaranteed $18.5 million and the team’s drafting of Mitch Trubisky, a talented but raw QB whom most evaluators agreed was a ways away from being starter material, the job seemed to be Glennon’s.

Then Thursday night happened.

In the opening series of their first preseason game, Glennon’s first pass was incomplete. His second attempt was caught for a touchdown—by the Denver Broncos’ Chris Harris Jr.

Glennon finished his day going 2-of-8 through the air for 20 yards. He was summarily roasted on Twitter.

To make matters worse for Glennon, Trubisky, the supposedly not-ready QB prospect, set the field ablaze, relatively, with his play.

He finished 18-of-25 for 166 yards with a touchdown and no interceptions.

Bears fans and all of Twitter were ready to anoint him the starter right then and there.

The Broncos beat the Bears 24-17.