Ben McAdoo’s Answer About His Halftime Speech Tells You Exactly Why The Giants Suck

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

In the first half of their Sunday matchup with the Los Angeles Rams, the New York Giants drowned in a pool of their own incompetence.

What did head coach Ben McAdoo tell his troops during the midway break to motivate them?

We don’t know exactly, but it must not have been very memorable, considering that after the game McAdoo seemed to have forgotten himself.

When asked about what he said in his motivational speech, McAdoo replied “Umm …” and stared quietly for eight seconds before a reporter swooped in with another question to rescue the second-year head coach from the deafening silence.

Defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul was more forthcoming in describing McAdoo’s postgame message to the team: “McAdoo is a straightforward guy and he told us, I mean, you can’t put the ball on the ground, and those things we know already. It cost us the game today.”

You can’t put the ball on the ground? You can’t put the ball on the ground?!

Sure, the Giants lost two fumbles. Eli Manning was also intercepted once, losing the turnover battle 3-0. But they lost the game 51-17. It was 48-10 by the start of the fourth quarter.

If McAdoo thinks turnovers are the problem after a game in which his team gave up six plays of 35 yards or more, including a 52-yard touchdown on a third-and-33, then the head coach is even more clueless than his last two haircuts would suggest.

“Keep fighting,” McAdoo said of his message for what’s left of the 1-7 Giants’ season. “That’s what I ask of the players. That’s what I ask of the coaches and that’s what I’m going to do myself. I’m going to lead by example. Keep playing. Keep fighting. Keep coaching.”

Or start coaching.