Bill Belichick Refuses to Explain Why He Benched Malcolm Butler in the Super Bowl

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

It’s been almost six months since Bill Belichick benched his best defensive back only to surrender the most yards of his NFL career in a Super Bowl loss.

The Patriots head coach has yet to answer for his decision to bench Malcolm Butler.

And he probably never will. But professional badgerer Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe got the longest answer we might ever get on the subject.

After Belichick turned aside five straight Butler-related questions, Shaughnessy’s sixth got the Pats coach to string together more words than we thought he was capable of.

Long? Yes. Satisfying? Yes and no: It’s always nice to see Belichick squirm, but he didn’t address the very legitimate question to which Patriots fans want an answer.

Anyway, Butler already seems to be making an impact on his new team, the Titans.

Expect the Pro Bowl cornerback and Shaughnessy to remind Belichick again of the biggest mistake of his coaching career when the two teams play in Week 11.