Bengals Blow Season With Two Stupid Personal Foul Penalties

Bradley Whitaker
(Photo: Getty)

It looked like the Cincinnati Bengals had finally broken their playoff drought, until they shot themselves in the foot.

AJ McCarron led the Bengals on a huge comeback after the Pittsburgh Steelers built up a 15-0 lead by the fourth quarter. This pass from McCarron to AJ Green looked to be the game-winning play, as it gave Cincy a one-point lead.

But two late turnovers from both teams gave Pittsburgh the ball with just enough time for Ben Roethlisberger to drive them down the field (after returning from injury). Not without the help of a couple of penalties.

The Bengals looked to be in good position after an incomplete pass from Big Ben to Antonio Brown in the final seconds. But a dangerous hit from linebacker Vontaze Burfict kept things alive for Pittsburgh.

Burfict clearly lost control, which cost his team a 15-yard penalty. But things got even worse when Adam “Pacman” Jones bumped an assistant coach from the Steelers.

That cost Cincinnati another personal foul penalty, setting up an easy game-winning field goal for Pittsburgh.

What a way to blow your season. Burfict and Pacman basically handed the Steelers the win. All that effort with their backup quarterback meant nothing for the Bengals.

The drought continues!