The Best Dunk Ever Happened 15 Years Ago Today

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Fifteen years ago today, the legend of Vince Carter grew exponentially as a two-legged leap propelled him over 7'2" French center Frederic Weis in the Sydney Olympics.

The play instantly earned its place among all-time highlight reels, sent Weis into depression, and generally drove Frenchmen into raving lunatics:

Here it is one more time for the English-inclined.

"I knew I was in position to jump the pass and get the steal," Carter recently told ESPN. "Once I got it, it was one, two … and that's it. There it was. So I get the steal. I remember taking the first dribble and the second dribble, just trying to gauge what [Weis] was going to do."

Weis has developed a sense of humor about the moment: "I don't remember anything. I had my eyes closed [laughs]. I wouldn't move, for sure."

"[Weis] never stepped up to me for me to pull up," Carter said. "He was just kind of just waiting there. So in my mind, I figured, 'If I get up in the air before you jump, you don't have a shot in hell to stop me.' And he stood there. I just remember putting my hand on his shoulder and going up.

"And so after that, I'm only concentrating on the rim. I'm not even focused on [Weis]. I'm not thinking about what's going on below me on the ground. I just figured he'd rolled out of the way or fell down trying to take the charge, because I didn't feel him anymore. And at that time, I'm thinking I jumped too far out and I'm going to [come up] short, like in that Sprite commercial."

Short it he did not.