Bill Belichick Apologizes, Admits Dirty Rob Gronkowski Play Was “Bullshit”

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Count Bill Belichick among those sickened by Rob Gronkowski’s brief, uncalled-for, head-smashing rampage well after the whistle during the New England Patriots‘ beating of the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.

Bills head coach Sean McDermott addressed the incident when the coaches shook hands after the contest. Belichick apologized and characterized his prized tight end’s actions as “bullshit.”

Gronk is apparently in agreement with his coach.

“I don’t really believe in the type of shots like that, but just due to frustration process, game of football, emotions, just, just … that’s what happened,” the tight end said, citing a lack of penalties against the defense as the source of his frustration that he instead took out on Tre’Davious White.

Some in New England disagree with the assessments of Belichick and Gronk.

Former Patriots quarterback Scott Zolak, now the color commentator for the team’s radio broadcasts, actually thought Gronk’s vicious, late hit was a good play.

“Good. Good for him,” Zolak said during the broadcast. “You’re going to hold him the whole way?”

Nah, dude.

Dirty hits in the heat of a play are one thing. But an incident like this, coming so far after the whistle, can only mean one thing—an intent to injure and nothing else.

For that reason, it’s actually kind of shocking that the Patriots tight end has only been suspended for one game for his actions.

Gronk will apparently appeal the suspension.