Tom Brady Shares 4 Things That Actually Make Bill Belichick Smile

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

The man at the coaching helm of the New England Patriots has shown utter disgust in a great many things—Microsoft tablets, microphones, grace in defeat, answering questions about black eyes—but, according to Tom Brady, there’s a handful of things that make the football Grinch’s heart grow.

If you want to make Bill Belichick smile, Brady said during Super Bowl media day, talk about Navy football (where Belichick’s dad coached), lacrosse (his favorite sport in high school), Lawrence Taylor (the Hall of Fame linebacker Belichick coached while with the New York Giants), and Bon Jovi.

Yeah, Belichick’s a huge Bon Jovi fan.

“Jon, I mean I’ve heard him play that song dozens of times, but he had that place rocking, maybe a little more than we did. Yeah, pretty impressive,” Belichick said following last year’s AFC Championship Game, where the crowd and Jon Bon Jovi  had engaged in a sing-along of “Livin’ on a Prayer” during the second half. “He’s a great friend, been a friend for a long time all the way back into the ’80s.

“We’ve shared a lot of great moments together, including the 1990 Super Bowl [with the Giants] in Tampa, where he was in the locker room after the game still taking crazy pictures and stuff like that; great memories from there. It was great to have Jon here, and I always appreciate his great support. Yeah, it was quite a moment, one that you usually don’t see at a professional football game. It was special.”

But Brady forgot two other things that make his coach happy.

Going to the Super Bowl …

… and just the lamest dad jokes.