Bill Belichick Was at His Crankiest This Morning


(Photo: OBSEV / Getty)

Asking New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick anything about his game plan during the playoffs is a bad idea. It’s even worse to ask him about potential distractions going on with the team.

It’s been a strange week for the Pats. First Belichick showed up to his Tuesday press conference with a black eye (nobody knows how he got it) and then Chandler Jones was hospitalized after having a bad reaction to synthetic marijuana.

There were a few times at the end of the regular season where Bill seemed to be in a good mood. But the recent media attention surrounding his team has put Belichick back in his irritable hole. Anytime he has to leave it, Bill gets cranky like Punxsutawney Phil being dragged out of his hut on Groundhog Day.

During Thursday’s press conference, he was asked once again about his black eye. The reporter didn’t get the answer she was looking for.

Then Bill was asked about how he plans to take on the Kansas City Chiefs. His snarky response was Vintage Belichick.

Hopefully the Patriots organization has their technology up to date enough so they won’t have “Xerox” anything.