Bill Cowher Picks The Bills By Smashing Through A Table

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Twitter)

Fueled by a miracle berth into the NFL playoffs, a herd of Buffalo Bills fans charged into Jacksonville Jaguars territory to do what they do best: threaten their well-being with drunken stunts, typically involving one or more folding tables.

But Buffalo fans are hardened by years of … well, being Bills fans. That, and  the numbness of living through harsh western New York winters.

So to truly honor the Bills’ overcoming what was then the longest playoff drought in major American professional sports, former NFL head coach and current analyst Bill Cowher inducted himself into Bills Mafia to make his playoff pick on CBS.

With the Bills in the postseason, Bills Mafia stepped their pregame game up outside EverBank Field. 

These guys double-teamed a pair of tables.

These dudes triple-teamed one.

This guy totally whiffed.

And, of course, fire made an appearance.

The game’s scoreless early in the first quarter. For Bills Mafia’s sake, let’s hope Cowher’s prediction doesn’t come true. I’m not sure Buffalo fans can make it through another tailgate alive.