Bill Murray Rages Hard With Chicago Cubs and Fans After Historic World Series


(Photo: Getty Images)

For 108 years, the Chicago Cubs and their inability to win a World Series tortured the team's fan base.

Until Wednesday.

So you can forgive them if they're a little excited. And no Cubs fan was more stoked about the squad's extra-inning Game 7 victory over the Cleveland Indians than actor Bill Murray, who's never been shy about his Chi fandom.

And while the celebration didn't quite result in human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, and mass hysteria, Murray, Cubs, and Cubs fans drank Champagne and got lit.

After Kris Bryant tossed to Anthony Rizzo to record the final out, Murray took the field. He tried to honk the horn of series MVP Ben Zobrist's new ride.

Then he entered the clubhouse. He tried interviewing Dexter Fowler, who led Game 7 off with a home run, and it quickly devolved into a drunk compliment fight.

He tried interviewing Cubs general manager Theo Epstein, whose only response was to douse Murray in more Champagne.

Then it was Murray's turn to be interviewed. Impressively, he lasted about a minute before—you guessed it—he sprayed reporters with Champagne.

This is what it looks like to party after the completion of a dream 108 years in the making.