Bill Walton Rubs Temecula Dirt on Himself on Live TV for Its Healing Powers


(Photo: Getty)

There is no stranger sports commentator than Hall of Famer Bill Walton. The big man was one hell of a basketball player, but he was solely put on television just so viewers can tune in to college basketball to hear some of the crazy sh*t he’s going to say (he’s the Skip Bayless of college basketball announcers).

During last week’s Arizona-Cal broadcast, Walton randomly told play-by-play announcer Dave Pasch to make a pilgrimage to Temecula (as in Temecula, California), grab some dirt and rub it all over himself.

Yeah, that’s something you would never expect to hear during a basketball broadcast, or just in life. But that’s what makes Walton special.

What makes him even more special; he followed through and actually brought Temecula dirt to the Oregon-Arizona game on Thursday!

One of these days Walton is going to hit his head and turn back into a sane person, and then he’ll probably be fired. Until that day, keep doing what you’re doing Bill.