Bills Fans Did More Drunk Things on Sunday

Bradley Whitaker
(Photo: Twitter/@jumbojeffk)

Last week we found out Buffalo Bills fans were (by far) the drunkest in the NFL. They lived up to their reputation on Sunday.

Being in Orchard Park, New York on game day is never a good idea if you’re a sober person and/or a folding table. For some reason drunk Bills fans really hate folding tables and will do anything to destroy them.

For instance:

I have no idea why that would be considered “fun,” but I don’t root for the Bills. Perhaps 15 seasons without a playoff appearance would make me want to smash tables too.

These two pals took turns hurting each other, while simultaneously destroying a table (of course).

And the payback:


Posted by Jordan Skotarczak on Sunday, November 8, 2015

This Bills fan also tried to break a table, but it didn’t go so well for him.

One Bills fan brought a goat to the game because why the f*ck not?

And finally, this video clip pretty much sums up Bills fans and their irrational hatred for folding tables.

Never change Buffalo.

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