Bills Fans Thank Andy Dalton With Over $100,000 For Getting Them Into The Playoffs

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Andy Dalton managed to get an NFL team into the playoffs during the 2017 season. Unfortunately for the Cincinnati Bengals, it wasn’t the team that employs him.

But fortunately for Dalton, he still got paid for it—er, his and his wife’s charity did at least.

On Sunday, Dalton connected with Tyler Boyd for a 49-yard touchdown with under a minute remaining to stun the playoff-hopeful Baltimore Ravens, booting them out of the postseason picture and replacing them with the Buffalo Bills, who went crazy in the locker room following a must-win victory over the Miami Dolphins.

Bills fans showed their gratitude with their wallets—donating in droves to Dalton’s charity, the Andy & Jordan Dalton Foundation.

From his touchdown pass on Sunday through just a day later, the charity organization, which provides financial aid to families who can’t afford medical expenses, collected $37,000 in donations.

A day after that, Dalton announced that in the two days since Sunday, the organization had amassed over $100,000.

Many donations came in $17 increments, meant to represent a 17-year wait since Buffalo’s last playoff berth. This figure isn’t entirely accurate, as the Bills’ last playoff appearance followed the 1999 season, which was, you know, 18 seasons ago (their Week 17 game of that campaign came on January 2, 2000; their Week 17 game this year fell on December 31, 2017, which is how they fell on 17 instead of 18).

Iffy math aside, way to go, Bills fans.

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