Bills Mafia Member Graduates From Tables, Throws Himself Through A Grill

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Maybe it’s because it was freezing and snowing, or maybe it’s because destroying folding tables has become passé, but one Buffalo Bills fans got ready for his team’s snow-covered tilt against the Indianapolis Colts by flinging himself onto a grill that had clearly recently been in use.

True to form, the card-carrying member of Bills Mafia shotgunned a beer beforehand.

Fortunately for this Bills supporter, he appeared relatively unharmed—many drunken Bills fans don’t escape games with as much luck: this guy broke his leg attempting a similar stunt, with the classic folding table in place of the grill; this guy accidentally lit himself on fire before his fellow Bills Mafia members doused him with beer; this guy also lit himself on fire; this game of dizzy bat ended with some dude taking a faceful of bus; this Bills fan got knocked the eff out by a New York Jets fan; this guy streaked and got wrecked by security.

For their sake, we recommend Bills Mafia stick to safer antics, like throwing dildos at rival wide receivers, mooning the opposition, and, depending on your definition of “safe,” boning in and around the stadium premises.