Bills Mafia Member Jumps From Car Roof to Table, Gruesomely Breaks His Leg

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Youtube.)

The Buffalo Bills lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers 27-20 on Sunday, all but dashing their hopes at a Wild Card berth with a record of 6-7 and six non-conference-leading teams ahead of them.

The silver lining for this unfortunately Bills fan's miserable day is that he didn't have to stick around to watch it happen.

The man in question donned his official Bills fan uniform—a Marcell Dareus jersey, camouflage pants, a Bills poncho, and, perhaps in anticipation of his unrecommended exploits, a face-obscuring mask—to partake in the Bills Mafia tradition of trying one's very best to injure oneself jumping from a height onto a table.

I doubt it went as he'd planned.

From this angle in slow-motion, you can see his knee go—like a postgame Bills fan trying to find his way home—in the completely opposite direction than it's intended to.

Just three games of this left, Bills Mafia, keep it together.


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