Bills, Patriots Get Into a Scuffle During Pregame Warmups

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Streamable)

Normally Buffalo Bills fans are the ones embarrassing the franchise before kickoff on Sundays, but in Week 4, the players couldn't wait until their game against the New England Patriots to take the baton.

During pregame warmups, Bills safety Robert Blanton approached a jogging Jacoby Brissett, the third-string quarterback making his second start for the Pats, and shoved him. New England wideout Malcolm Mitchell quickly came to his fellow rookie's defense.

Soon, the scene devolved into a shoving match between the Bills secondary and Patriots assistant coaches. While no punches appear to have been thrown, several Bills blindsided Pats assistants with hard pushes.

If this kerfuffle was a ploy by Bills coach Rex Ryan to get the Patriots off their game, it appears to have (finally) worked.

At halftime, Buffalo leads the 3-0 Patriots 13-0, causing New England head coach Bill Belichick to act like someone who asked for an iPad for Christmas and got a Microsoft tablet instead.