Watch The Incredible Moment The Bills Learned They’re Going To The Playoffs


(Photo: Twitter)

“The Thong Song,” “American Psycho,” Hollister, “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” PlayStation 2—these are just a few things not quite as old as the Buffalo Bills’ playoff drought that ended on Sunday.

The Bills didn’t clinch their spot in the 2017 playoffs on the field, but witnessed it in the locker room after claiming victory in a must-win matchup with the Miami Dolphins.

A last-minute, 49-yard Andy Dalton touchdown pass on fourth-and-12 to Tyler Boyd to best the Baltimore Ravens and dash their dreams of playoff contention simultaneously forced the Bills into their first postseason appearance since 1999, formerly the longest active drought in not only the NFL, but the United States’ four major professional team sports.

The Bills locker room was understandably lit.

Bills fans even took a break from threatening their lives with plastic furniture, alcohol, and fire to get in on the celebration, meeting the team at the airport following a road win.

The sixth-seeded Bills will face the AFC South-winning Jacksonville Jaguars in the opening round of the playoffs.

No pressure, Seattle Mariners.