Bills Coach Impressed With Nathan Peterman’s 5-Interception Performance: “Pretty Darn Good”

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Buffalo Bills fans: If you’re still dazed and reeling from multiple self-inflicted forehead slaps sustained during quarterback Nathan Peterman’s starting debut (or whatever it is you do on Sundays), you might want to brace yourself for more—not only was head coach Sean McDermott impressed by the rookie’s five interceptions in a single half, he’s not sure if the team will go back to starting Tyrod Taylor.

“There are some plays yesterday I know he wants back,” McDermott told reporters on Monday. “There were also some plays when you look at it, you say ‘That was pretty darn good.’ [It was] hard to see, on the surface, 10,000-foot view, hard to see that with the result being what it was. When you take it one play at a time and you really look at it, you can say ‘Hey, we’re moving the ball.'”

Reporters at the press conference interrupted what I’m going to go ahead and assume was a rolling-on-the-floor fit of laughter to ask McDermott to elaborate on how completing five passes to the other team and just six passes to Peterman’s teammates on 14 attempts could ever be considered “pretty darn good.”

His answer, basically: Well there was that one time he completed a pass.

“Well, you go back and you look at the first drive. I think we started off with two runs, then we came out and threw, I believe, it was a play-action pass over the middle. I believe it was Kelvin’s [Benjamin] play in fact. He hit Kelvin right in stride, and it was tight coverage, he threw it into a tight window. This is a league of contested throws, contested balls, and you have to be able to do that, and he did it. Now there was a couple other instances also, but just to name one. We got into a rhythm early on the offensive side. I was pleased with that drive, up until the point where we had the interception.”

McDermott wouldn’t commit to a starter for the team’s Week 12 game.

Somewhere, Richard Sherman just broke whatever piece of equipment on which he was rehabbing.