Streaker At Bills Game Runs For More Yards Than The Entire Team

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

It was so easy to rush into the end zone on Sunday against the Buffalo Bills, that even a naked stadium attendee found pay dirt.

He was then given a rough introduction to the turf at New Era Field.

With the Bills getting destroyed by the New Orleans Saints, one hometown fan livened things up by stripping down for a jaunt across the pitch.

The actual Bills wouldn’t find the end zone until after the fourth quarter’s two-minute warning, when Buffalo trotted backup quarterback Nathan Peterman out there to make the score 47-10, where it’d remain.

Unsurprisingly, everyone made the same joke about the streaker and the Bills’ futility.

Buffalo surrendered six rushing touchdowns to New Orleans—three to Mark Ingram, and one apiece to Trey Edwards, Alvin Kamara, and Drew Brees.