The Lakers Might Actually Wear These Sick “Black Mamba” Jerseys

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images / Wikipedia)

With their NBA jerseys, Nike has apparently traded durability for creativity.

Some teams will have rotations that go five jerseys deep once all the versions are unveiled, including “City Editions,” which have yet to be released and includes nods to each team’s environs.

For the Los Angeles Lakers, that might mean paying homage to retired star Kobe Bryant.

Conrad Burry of has been doing mock-ups for each team’s City Edition jersey, based on what he’s been told to expect. The one for the Lakers is scaled, up, literally: The thing actually has a scale pattern.

On the site, Burry noted how confident he is in various aspects of design: He’s 100 percent sure about the color, 75 percent sure about the lettering, not sure at all about the side panels above the armholes, and 50 percent sure about the scale design.

On Twitter, Burry confirmed it’s inspired by Bryant’s nickname, the Black Mamba, and the shorts will feature both his numbers.

Whatever you think of the Black Mamba jersey, it’s not as insane as what the Orlando Magic might go with …

… and it’s not as awesome as the Miami Heat mock-up that Burry’s extremely confident in, complete with the Miami Vice theme we’ve been waiting for for so long.