Black Monday: The NFL Coaches That Have Been Fired (So Far)

Bradley Whitaker
(Photo: Getty)

It’s Black Monday, the day multiple head coaches around the NFL get canned for not meeting their owners’ expectations. And similar to Black Friday, it seems to start earlier every year.

Coaches get fired, the league gets reshuffled and the entire process repeats itself the following year. It’s like watching an entire season of The Apprentice in a matter of hours.

Once again, multiple coaches were fired before midnight on Monday, as soon as the fourth quarter ended on Sunday. Not to mention the Philadelphia Eagles couldn’t even wait another week to get rid of Chip Kelly, as they fired the third-year head coach shortly after Week 16.

Here’s the list of coach vacancies so far (we’ll update this list as the coaches continue to drop off like flies):

Philadelphia Eagles, Chip Kelly: The Chip Kelly experiment in Philadelphia has come to an end after his team went 7-9 and failed to make the playoffs. It seems rather ridiculous Philly pretty much let Kelly trade all their talented players in the offseason, blow-up the team and now they’re getting rid of him, leaving a dysfunctional squad of misfits to deal with.

San Francisco 49ers, Jim Tomsula: The Niners went 5-11 in Tomsula’s first and only season as head coach of San Francisco. Tomsula was handed a team with an imploded offensive line, a dissatisfied quarterback and a team without any solid linebackers. What did they expect to happen?

Cleveland Browns, Mike Pettine: What do you know! Another head coach was fired in Cleveland, making Pettine their third coach fired in four seasons. Are the Browns simply a team that will suck forever? Not even Bill Belichick could last there, and that was during the 90’s when coaches actually seemed to keep their jobs.

Miami Dolphins, Dan Campbell: The “very tough” Campbell was just the interim head coach, so perhaps he’ll get an interview with the Dolphins simply as a formality. But various reports say he won’t even be considered to take over the role full time. Of course, Campbell took over the team midseason, igniting a fiery winning streak before the Dolphins went back to their Dolphin ways.

New York Giants, Tom Coughlin: The bizarre Tom Coughlin era finally came to an end after he chose to step down on Monday, ending things with two amazing Super Bowl seasons and a lot of really terrible ones.

Stay tuned for updates!