James Harden And Chris Paul Bust Into Clippers Locker Room To Confront Blake Griffin

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Monday night’s matchup between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Houston Rockets started with a Clips montage of Chris Paul’s time with the team. It ended with Paul and his new teammates’ forcing their way into their opponents’ locker room to confront Blake Griffin and Austin Rivers.

In typical Clippers–Rockets fashion, the game was contentious throughout. Griffin hit Eric Gordon with a fastball …

… had his shorts nearly ripped clean off …

… got an interesting suggestion about what he should do with his free time from Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni …

… got into it with Paul …

… then finally got ejected.

But not before he dropped 29 points to go with 10 rebounds and six assists in a 113-102 victory over the James Harden-less Rockets.

But the two sides apparently weren’t done with each other after the final horn had blown.

Sounds like Paul’s intimate knowledge of the Staples Center underbelly came in handy for the Rockets’ infiltration mission.

Still, Griffin had jokes when asked what the spat with Ariza was all about.

“It was classic NBA,” a member of the Clippers told Woj. “None of these guys were going to fight.”