Blake Griffin Performs 10 Full Minutes of Stand-Up and It’s Actually Hilarious

Bradley Whitaker
(Photo: Getty)

Stand-up comedy is really, really hard. It might not seem like going on stage and simply talking is a difficult task, but when that first joke is met with silence and you realize you still have to talk for four and half minutes, the idea of death becomes comforting.

So the thought of a successful professional athlete performing a strong stand-up act seems like it would be impossible, right? Well, Los Angeles Clippers power forward Blake Griffin is trying to prove the doubters wrong.

Griffin is using his offseason to give stand-up a try and for a beginner, he’s actually pretty f*cking hilarious.

Like all good comedians, he’s using different experiences from his life, particularly basketball, to point out flaws people generally glaze over in their everyday lives.

Check out Griffin’s 10-minute bit below, it’s well worth watching the whole thing, especially the part about athletes being traded.

Nobody can have 10 minutes of solid material without working on it at least somewhat consistently. It’s nice to see Griffin take up a passion project, and it will certainly repair his PR reputation.

Here’s Blake’s first attempt at stand-up from a month ago. Let’s just say he’s come a long way in just a few weeks.