Blue Jays’ Kevin Pillar Nails a Moving Target on a Drone From the Outfield

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Though he's not even the best defensive center fielder in his division named Kevin, the Toronto Blue Jays' Kevin Pillar is one of the league's very best.

And while he's most known for his insane catches in the outfield, he's also got an arm frightening enough to send baserunners cowering back to bases.

Recently, Pillar took his throwing training to the next level by incorporating drones, courtesy of Canadian sports clothing and equipment retailer Sport Chek.

The Jays center fielder, hailing from California, isn't the first Canadian-adjacent or Canadian pro athlete to train with drones in the name of selling skis and hockey sticks.

Tampa Bay Lightning captain Steve Stamkos (obviously Canadian) sniped some target-drones over the ice back in September of 2015, followed by Pillar's fellow Toronto athlete Kyle Lowry of the Raptors, who used them to work on his passing.

These videos are going to look so bad when our drone-dependent culture of the dystopian future runs out of the flying machines.