Boxing Manager Ahmet Oner Loses His Mind, Threatens To Sleep With Opponent’s Wife


(Photo: Ahmet Oner)

When you have a press conference with Ahmet Oner, expect sparks to fly. The charismatic boxing manager was promoting a fight between his client, Avni Yildirim, and Chris Eubank Jr. when things got heated. There was shouting, there was a kerfuffle, and then Oner went over the top with it.

During the shouting match between Oner and a member of Eubank’s camp, Oner said he would sleep with the man’s wife in their bed.

The exchange is pretty hilarious and it really did a lot to promote the fight. I’m sure no one has ever heard of these people before this press conference, so that’s promotion at its finest.

Warning: very NSFW language ahead.

Are we going to watch this fight? Probably not. But we at least know who these people are now.