Brandon Browner Delivers Massive Illegal Hit on Calvin Johnson


(Photo: Getty)

Remember cornerback Brandon Browner? He signed a three-year deal worth $15 million with the New Orleans Saints in the offseason after helping lead the New England Patriots to their fourth Super Bowl title. It was Browner’s jamming of Jermaine Kearse that allowed for Malcolm Butler to make the game-winning interception in the final seconds.

Over the years, Browner has developed a reputation as one of the more physical corners in the league, but he’s mostly struggled this season as New Orleans first cornerback (a role he wasn’t accustomed to heading into the season).

It’s been a frustrating year for Browner, who found out early on that being overly physical on each team’s top receiver seems to hurt his team more than help. Take for example this hit on Detroit’s Calvin Johnson on Monday night that cost his team a penalty.

Browner’s Odell Beckham-style hit helped the 31-year-old make it to the NFL record books (for the wrong reasons).

Seriously, the number of penalties Browner has accumulated this season isn’t even close to the next player on the list.

If Brandon Browner were a basketball player, he would foul out in the first quarter of every game.