High School Guard’s Dunk Shatters Backboard And Rips The Rim Clear Off

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Twitter)

If you catch an upcoming Mississippi State Bulldogs basketball games and find yourself wondering why brothers Quinndary and Nick Weatherspoon are mercilessly hammering down harder-than-they-have-to-be dunks, fear not: the Brothers Witherspoon are not engaged in a battle with the planet’s supply of metal rings, but instead are merely trying to catch up to their younger brother, high school junior Brandon Weatherspoon. 

The point guard from Canton High School in Mississippi hasn’t yet decided if he’ll be following his older brothers to Starkville, but wherever he goes, the school had better be fully stocked with extra backboards. 

Because a Tuesday-night visit to Holmes County Central High School included a totally shattered backboard.

He later told WJTV reporter Tyler Greever that his brothers had never accomplished such a spot-on Darryl Dawkins impersonation.

The shattered backboard is all the more impressive when you consider Weatherspoon’s dimensions—unlike most who’ve pulled off the feat (like Isaiah Stokes, who’s now a 270-pound power forward at Florida) he’s no considerable behemoth; at 6’4″, Weatherspoon weighs in at just 182 pounds.

The junior guard has already received scholarship offers from Georgetown, Tennessee, and Southern Miss. It’s not hard to see why.