Brett Favre Still Has a Cannon at Age 47

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

The last pass Atlanta Falcons cornerback Robert Alford caught in an NFL game came from the hand of a future Hall of Fame quarterback—the fourth-year pro intercepted Tom Brady and returned it for what seemed like a Super Bowl-clinching pick-six.

On Wednesday, he caught passes from a former NFL quarterback who's already been enshrined in Canton—Brett Favre.

"The guy, he still has a rocket arm, and I seen that from the first pass that he threw," Alford said of an impromptu workout with Favre, who showed up at the Traction Sports Performance center in Louisiana, where Alford was training. "I mean he came out there with us, didn't warm up or nothing, and was throwing lasers on the dot, like—I understand why the guys that palyed with him, Donald Driver and those guys' fingers was messed up, because I was like 'Oh my god, if I had to practice with this guy every day and just catch 100 balls, pretty sure I'd have some messed up fingers also."

Alford told TMZ that the former Green Bay Packers star, who turned 47 in October, still has elite arm strength.

"That's a no-brainer. No-brainer, like, 47 years old, still had a rocket arm. I mean, I can't see no difference in him from when he was younger to now. Like, that guy's arm—I see why they call him the Gunslinger," Alford said. "I seen that today."

Favre is the all-time leader in completions and second in touchdown passes and passing yards. Alford thinks that so long as a team can keep him upright, he could still play quarterback in the NFL.

"Oh yes, I feel like he still can play. Like, after we was throwing I asked him, I was like 'Brett can we get you out of retirement? Because I don't see any difference.' Like, if this guy can have a perfect line, All-American line, and just sit back there and throw any pass—he can throw it," Alford said. "He can throw any pass any day, no warmup or nothing. Out there cold, and it's still going to be a rocket laser on the dot."

Then the 28-year-old offered some advince to the hopeless and  quarterback-less Cleveland Browns: "If Brett comes out of retirement, I'm going to tell y'all, 'Go get him.'"

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