Brett Favre: Tom Brady and Joe Montana Are the Best Quarterbacks of All Time


(Photo: Getty Images)

Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre holds the NFL record for completions and is second all time in touchdown passes and passing yards.

Still, if his recent comments to FTW are to be believed, even he doesn't think he belongs in the "greatest quarterback of all time" conversation.

"I’ve always said that Joe Montana is the best QB I’ve ever seen play," the longtime Green Bay Packers quarterback said. "I would put [Montana and Tom Brady] on the top of the pedestal, side by side. There’s no other class. It’s those two."

Then Favre, who spent 20 years in the league, compared the New England Patriots QB to a great from another sport: Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan.

"He’s competitive, and that’s a key asset for anybody who’s been as successful as he has, in sports or the business world or anything else. Michael Jordan had it," the retired quarterback said.

"To me he’s in a class by himself with his competitiveness, because it drives him to excel even more than the week before, the previous year. So you study harder, you demand more of yourself. It gets to a point where you can’t exceed the level you expect of yourself.

"What people don’t realize is that a player like Tom Brady expects more from Tom Brady than the fans do. If you’re at that point—unless the physical part declines—you’re going to play at the highest level."

With those comments in mind, Favre's pick in Sunday's Super Bowl is hardly surprising. It's not the Atlanta Falcons.

"I think we’ve got two great teams with offenses that are executing at an extremely high level, but I have to go with the Patriots simply because of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick."