Brock Osweiler Nails Unsuspecting Bystander On The Sideline In The Face

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

One thing Brock Osweiler can do? Throw the ball out of bounds.

The quarterback, with the Denver Broncos for a second stint, can’t do much back there, but he really slings the ball into the massive, empty voids that serve as targets on each sideline with the best of them.

Just ask this poor soul who probably should have been on the lookout with Osweiler under center.

That might not even be the funniest throw of Osweiler’s day. The moment Cris Collinsworth started complimenting him, the QB threw a pick.

During the Broncos’ Sunday shellacking at the hands of the New England Patriots, Osweiler helmed an offense that managed just 16 points against a not-great defense.

This time around though, the quarterback could hardly serve as a scapegoat, as the Broncos got manhandled in every facet of the game in a 41-16 loss.

“I don’t know, man, it’s just sad. It’s just real sad,” said defensive end Derek Wolfe. “It’s sad we went from a championship-caliber team to a team that stinks and nobody respects us.”

More embarrassing than losing 41-16 or getting drilled in the face by a football? Standing as the only team the New York Giants have beaten this season.