Broncos Block Saints’ Game-Winning Extra Point, Return It for Game-Winning Score

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: )

Almost a year ago, the New Orleans Saints became the first NFL team to take advantage of a new rule, blocking an extra point in a tilt against the Carolina Panthers and returning it for two points.

Prior to 2015, defenses could not score on extra-point or two-point conversion attempts.

Against the Denver Broncos in Week 10, not only did the Saints find themselves on the unenviable side of the new rule, they did so in excrutiating fashion—and it cost them the game.

Down six with under three minutes remaining, quarterback Drew Brees led the Saints 75 yards down the field, capping it with an insane touchdown catch from Brandin Cooks to tie things up.

An extra point away from taking the lead with 1:22 remaining, this happened instead:

That's Justin Simmons blocking the Wil Lutz attempt and Will Parks taking it to the house for two points and, after a pair of kneels, a 25-23 victory.

Denver is now 7-3. The Saints are 4-5.

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