Browns GM Savagely Roasts Baker Mayfield During NFL Combine Interview

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

One thing every NFL team already knows about Baker Mayfield: the Heisman-winning quarterback can take a hit and live to complain about it — which, as anyone who’s ever seen Tom Brady get grazed and whine to officials for a roughing the passer penalty knows, can come in handy.

That’s because every single NFL talent evaluator has already seen video footage from Mayfield’s public intoxication arrest in February 2017.

For Cleveland Browns general manager John Dorsey, the incident near a cluster of food trucks in Fayetteville, Arkansas, was an icebreaker during an interview with Mayfield at the NFL combine.

From Sports Illustrated:

Right off the bat, before the handshakes and intros, and before the Heisman trophy winner sat down, Dorsey in his booming Southern Maryland drawl fired one across the bow.

“So you like food trucks?”

Mayfield responded by enjoying a laugh with everyone else in the room.

“There are a lot of things I would take back, off the field, to be a franchise guy,” Mayfield told SI. “Not get arrested, not grab my crotch on live television, all that stuff. But the teams that want me to not be who I am? Somebody who’s going to change me mentally and take away my competitive edge? I don’t want to play for you.

“If I was gonna act like anything else, then that wouldn’t be who they’re drafting. So I want to go somewhere where they know exactly who they’re getting, because one of the 32 teams is going to fall in love with it. There’s a fine line between being an arrogant a—— and being a confident kid who believes in his own ability. Some teams, it comes off one way, some teams it comes off another. But I’m glad I had to earn it. Because you’ve got to have an edge.”

In January, Mayfield told 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland that if the Browns draft him, “They’re getting somebody that’s gonna turn that franchise around.”